Aronia Extract May Be Good For Your Heart

Aronia is a deciduous genus of succulents, the arena, in the botanical family Rosaceae, native to Europe and most often found growing in wetland and swampy forests. The genus is considered to consist of five or seven species, one of which has been introduced in North America. It is a widespread grass species that flourish in floodplains, flowing rivers and along coastal areas.

If you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall or if you enjoy a lot of coastal breezes, then you are likely to enjoy the flavor of aronia berries. While some people refer to the plant simply as “roller,” others use a more specific term, such as “wild root,” “wildflower” or “slippery elm.” Regardless of the specific name used to identify the plant, you know that it is one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the entire world. In fact, there is only one other single vegetable in the entire world that contains more antioxidants than does aronia. That vegetable is pomegranate.

A lot of people are impressed by the natural health benefits of this tangy, sweet-smelling berry. One of the reasons why it has so many health benefits is that it contains an incredibly large amount of antioxidants – more so than any other natural product in the entire world. What does this mean to you? Well, the anti-inflammatory properties of the antioxidants found in aronia berries help to reduce inflammation, which means that it may be a powerful natural anti-spasmodic.

Anthocyanins, or vitamin C, is another naturally occurring compound that is highly beneficial for your health. Interestingly enough, it is not only anthocyanins that are the antioxidants found in this tangy fruit. In addition to the anthocyanins, there are two additional chemical compounds that can be found in the flesh of the aronia berries and in other products made from the seeds. They are called carotenes and lignans. They work together to help your body fight off certain free radicals and prevent damage to your organs and tissues.

It should be noted that these amazing antioxidants have zero taste. So, what you will get when you eat fresh aronia berries is an incredibly delicious and flavorful treat. In addition to having lots of antioxidants, fresh fruits like the ones you will find at your local farmer’s market are loaded with vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for good health. Eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form are often the best way to get your daily recommended dosages of nutrients.

Aronia berries may also be useful in reducing the oxidative stress that your body feels as a result of chronic inflammation. Oxidative stress is caused by many things, including the common elements in our daily diets, like pesticides and pollution. It can lead to increased production of free radicals, which can cause damage to your cells and cause oxidative stress. Some studies have even shown that a diet that contains at least 60% of fruits and vegetables can reduce your chances of developing oxidative stress. So, foods like the ones you will find in aroma extract can be used as an important tool in preventing free radical damage and maintaining optimal health.